Bitlight Labs
Supercharge your Bitcoin journey as a Lightining strike
The first Decentralized wallet supporting RGB assets: Lighting-fast speed with uncompromised security
Create Your Own RGB Assets
With Bitlight Wallet, anyone can create and issue RGB assets. Our registry allows users to customize their assets by inputting specific parameters. No need for RGB smart contract knowledge—our modular tool simplifies the entire creation process. These assets are ready for transactions, payments, and DeFi applications.
Transfer RGB Assets with Ease
RGB asset transfers are foundational for DeFi and stablecoin payments on the Lightning Network. Bitlight Wallet uses Lightning-compatible invoice transfers to support RGB asset transactions, providing essential infrastructure for DeFi applications and payment settlements.
Road Map
  1. 2024 Q1

    • Bitlight Wallet
  2. 2024 Q2

    • BitAssets
    • $BIT Season I Airdrop
  3. 2024 Q3

    • Bitswap
  4. 2024 Q4

    • Bicoinfi Matrix